The Pivot Principle

Our principle is to meet your headcount needs on-time- whether large or small, improve your quality of hire, improve employee performance, and improve employee retention all while making it enjoyable to work with our team.


Businesswoman giving job interview

Our Best-in-Class Selection Process.

  • 100% of our candidates are analyzed in IBM’s 5 Categories of Candidate Analysis.  We examine the job fit and cultural fit within your company and various department.  Then our Assessment Center can do a behavioral analysis, skill testing, simulation assessing, and also assess the key personality traits that are critical to success in your department.  We eliminate “gut decisions” by providing our recruiting team with more data points to make a more informed decision.  Compare our process to your own or your staffing firm.
Market analysis in touchpad and hand of businessman explaining it

Our Data Analytics

  • The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs both broke nearly 100 year curses by using data analytics to win the World Series.   But how many staffing firms are using analytics?  Is yours?  We identify common traits exclusive to top performers- we call them Performance Indicators.  We also identify common traits exclusive to longer retained employees- we call them Retention Indicators.  By identifying common traits exclusive to better performers and longer retained employees; we can recruit smarter and target candidates that possess many of these valuable traits … thus maximizing the chance that our candidate will be successful

Our Technological Advantages

  • Yes we have a best in class CRM to automate our processes most efficiently, paperless timekeeping, and a web portal for both employees and clients.  But why is the industry standard for knowing if your temp is late or sick up to the temp to call you? (oh no and they don’t 80% of the time).  Then you end up calling your staffing firm looking for answers- unacceptable.  Pivot gets an email/text alert one minute after check-in time if they haven’t checked in.  Then we call you with our answers.  Proactive for a change.
  • We can show clients in real time all of our Associates who are scheduled to work vs. actually working. Whether you have 3 Associates or 300 we can show you the global scheduled vs. working number AND we can sort that by location, job type, etc.
  • We receive alerts:  when our Associate is late we get an alert immediately.  When Associate is getting close to working OT, we get an alert.  Proactive for a change.
Portrait of young happy business man showing thumb's up sign. Approval, good work, and success.

Our Recruiting Advantages.

  • SPECIALIZATION- Our recruiters come from the specialty they focus in.  Healthcare recruiters come from medical.  Call center recruiters come from call centers.  They focus on specific industries where they have real world experience.
  • OUR EXCLUSIVE DATABASE- Our database has 22,000 people in it that all have worked in NE Ohio within one of our six specialties.  Their testing results, track record, and job preferences are all noted.
  • ENDING ASSIGNMENT STARS- Pivot has temporary or seasonal assignments that can range from one month to a year.  If a class of 40 people is ending within a month we will know it and look to place the people that met and surpassed expectations into a similar role, commute, job duties, and pay.  It’s one of our best resources- current successful employees looking for similar work when our current assignment is over.

Our Retention Program

  • Maintaining happy employees and longer retained employees takes work.  That’s one reason why we have an 8 Point Retention Program designed to communicate with both the employer and employee to ensure we do everything in our power to maximize employee retention.  We offer vacation time, benefits, paycards or direct deposit, paperless timekeeping, an employee hot-line, and conduct employee surveys to help maximize retention.  We work with our clients using the Six Building Blocks of Retention and also incorporate Survey Results, Exit Interviews, Retention Circle ideas, and Shift Fulfillment Reports to assist along the way.